XHover Stingy V2 5" Freestyle Frame

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X Hover and Kevin Dougherty, AKA Stingerswarm, went back to the drawing board to improve the Stingy frame and have released the new StingyV2 FPV Freestyle 5 inch frame. They looked at all the improvements that have happened in electronics and wanted to update the Stingy frame to better suite modern freestyle flying. 

To keep things compact and light, XHover integrated a soft mount solution for the 20 x 20 FC and Vtx hardware, while keeping an option for the 30 x 30 stacks as well. The V2 can now house a micro sized camera thanks to the redesigned front end. The absolute advantage of the Stingy V2 is in the flight performance.  The V2 flies balanced because of the wide stance with a true X configuration.  This wide stance and lower center of gravity contributes to a solid flight stability in the air and on the course. accompannied with tough and robust 5MM arms the V2 frame can take all of the beating a pilot can dish out. 

Key Features: 

  • Soft mount for FC on the 20x20 stack.
  • 20mm Standoffs
  • Sticky Battery Pad
  • Top Mount battery Design
  • Durable arms 
  • Plenty of room for a nice clean compact build
  • Easy single arm replacement 


  • 1x Stingy V2 
  • 1x Set of high-quality Steel hardware
  • 1x Battery Strap
  • 1x ESC sticker Sheet
  • 4x Foam Landing Pads
  • 1x Sticky Battery pad by Ummagawd Company, Designed specifically for the Stingy V2
  • 1x 3D printed Camera mount attachment 

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