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SMC Extreme 1400mah 4S Racing Battery - True Spec Extreme - RaceDayQuads

SMC Extreme 1400mah 4S Racing Battery - True Spec Extreme

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Quite simply the best battery on the market.

You may see the 45a rating on the SMC Extreme 1400mah 4S Racing Battery and say "nope". Well, so did we until someone let us race this pack. It easily beat the punch of the pack we were flying with, which was rated for over 100a of continuous discharge. The 45a comes from a very conservative amperage rating developed by SMC, and should not in any way discourage you from purchasing this battery.

Anyone who has raced or experienced SMC packs knows the quality which is packed into their newest battery, the "Extreme". This battery offers 100 more mah than their previous pack, and almost a 20% increase in power. The rating system used on these batteries is very conservative, and you can expect more punch than many other batteries which advertise a 100a+ constant discharge rate. 

Give these packs a try, you will not be disappointed!


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