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RaceFlight Bolt V2 4n1 ESC - 30a DShot 600

  • $64.99

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The RaceFlight Bolt 4 in 1 ESC is a 30a ESC, capable of DShot 600 and made to easily pair with the RaceFlight Revolt V3. Eliminating the need for a PDB as well as ESCs, this all in one ESC package also has a 5v out capable of 3 amps, so you can easily power anything you need to off of the 5v out. 

The Bolt ESC also has a built-in current sensor, so you can hook it up directly to the Revolt V3 and receive mAh information and voltage through your video OSD.


  • 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting hole spacing
  • Integrated RaceFlight Gummies
  • 30 amp continuous draw per motor
  • 40 amp burst
  • BlHeli_S
  • 5V voltage regulator capable of 3A continuous output
  • D-Shot ready
  • 4s – 6s compatible
  • Built in Current Sensor
  • Special low noise connector integrated with the Revolt and Bolt pair
  • Current and Voltage sent to flight controller
  • Easy Install
  • High-quality components
  • Weight: 15.5 grams

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