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AKK Infinite DVR 30x30 25-1000mW 5.8GHz VTX - MMCX

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in AKK's newest VTX which has built-in DVR, Smart Audio, up to 6s (7 - 26v) direct Lipo input, adjustable power output (25, 200, 600 & 1000 mW) w/ pit mode, and a 5v cam power output. 

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  • Brand name: AKK
  • Item name: Infinite DVR VTX
  • Input voltage: 7V to 26V
  • Extra features: Smart audio DVR
  • Power supply: 5V output for camera
  • Output power: 25/200/600mW/1000mW
  • Antenna connector: MMCX
  • Cable connector: Solder pads
  • Records Video Size: VGA (640*480)
  • Max Support TF Card: 32G
  • Dimension: 36x36mm, 30.5 stackable hole
  • Weight: 8.8g (excluding antenna)


  • Support Smart audio 
  • 25/200/600/1000mW power switchable
  • One button frequency and power setupOSD configuration using smart audio
  • 7-26V input with 5V output for camera
  • With MIC
  Notice: 5645/5925/5945 (E4/E7/E8) are not available due to FCC regulation. Selecting 5645/5925/5945 (E4/E7/E8) will be invalid action.
Note: 37 channels are all above 5650 and below 5925MHz, which are legal to use in the USA with an amateur radio license. 

This equipment is being sold under FCC’s amateur radio rules. Operators must require amateur radio license to operator legally in  the US. Use of amateur equipment without a license or use of  equipment on restricted frequencies could subject the operator to  significant fines by the FCC.By purchasing this equipment, the user is agreeing that they understand these responsibilities and will operate  the equipment legally. More information related to ARL, please go to

Pacakge Included:

1x VTX 1x pigtail

1x cable 



The use and operation of this type of product in the USA and many other countries may require a license and some countries may forbid its use entirely. In the USA, you will need a "HAM" amateur radio license. Learn more about HAM licenses, and find a HAM license exam session in your areaIt is your responsibility to ensure that the use of this product meets the requirements imposed by your government's rules and regulations for RF devices. Do not purchase this product if you are unsure of the government requirements or are not able to comply with them. RDQ cannot be held responsible for your actions if you purchase and/or use this product in violation of your government's regulations. By agreeing to our terms and conditions during the check-out process, you also agree to have read and to understand this notice.