ImmersionRC Ghost Atto Duo 2.4GHz Micro Receiver w/ qT Antennas

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All Ghost receivers currently have multiple binding methods. We recommend to bind via SRXL2 on a standard UART, the Ghost Protocol will be available with the release of OpenTX3.4.

Please refer to the Manual for more information about binding.

The Atto Duo is a top of the line receiver that combines independent receiver channels and dual antennas to essentially eliminate packet loss during flights.

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  • 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • Tiny 15 x 12mm, and 0.61g
  • Two fully independent Ghost receivers
  • Crazy Race Performance, 222.22Hz updates (500Hz Ready)
  • ~4ms End to End Latency (2ms ready), with OpenTx Integration
  • Fully supported by Betaflight with GHST driver


  • Frame Rate: 250Hz Standard, 500Hz Ready
  • Downlink RF Power: +13dBm
  • Sensitivity: -117dBm in Long Range mode
  • Serial Formats: SBus, SBus-Fast (200k) , SRXL-2 (400k), GHST, SBus Inverted1 2 3
  • Firmware: Over-the-air (OTA) upgradable
  • Power Supply: 5V recommended, as low as 3.6V tolerated, no more than 5.5V
  • vTx Control: Tramp control from ‘T’ pin on Rx, regardless of selected serial format
  • Antenna Connectors: Standard U.FL (vs. Zepto which uses the much smaller MHF4)
  • Dimensions: 14.8mm x 11.5mm, 0.6g (w/o antenna)
  • Rx Noise Floor Analysis: Auto on power-up, or on demand from the Tx

1 GHST protocol available both OpenTx 2.3.10 (without control sync), and in a custom IRC build with sync.
2 GHST protocol supported in Betaflight 4.3 development builds.
3 Sbus is inverted by definition, SBus Inverted flips it over so that it doesn’t require inverters on F4 FCs
4 Some specifications vary depending upon the regionally-specific product SKU


  • 1x ImmersionRC Ghost Atto Duo 2.4GHz Micro Receiver
  • 2x qT Antenna