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Armattan Beaver 5" Hardware Kit

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Spare hardware for the Armattan Beaver 5" frame.

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  • 9x M3 Stainless Steel Sunk Nuts
  • 18x M3 6mm 12.9 grade bolt
  • 4x M3 10mm 12.9 grade bolt
  • 5x Aluminum cone spacer orange 
  • 7x M3 12mm cup head bolt
  • 2x M3 16mm cup head bolt
  • 4x M3 20mm button head iron bolt
  • 12x M3 nylon nuts
  • 4x M3 6mm nylon standoff F/F
  • 4x M2 18mm cup head bolt
  • 4x M2 nylon washer
  • 4x M2 nylock
  • 4x M2 2.5mm cup head bolts
  • 4x M3 25mm profiled alumi standoff
  • 2x M3 20mm alumi standoff