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Thunder Power 1600mah 95C Battery for Sale

Thunder Power 1600mah 95C MultiGP Spec Battery

  • $39.99

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ThunderPower's latest creation! The 1600mah 95C 4S pack is not only a beast on the track, but it also is one of the MultiGP Spec Class batteries! Known for top of the line quality, ThunderPower does not disappoint with its latest pack. Pair it with the Mach 1 Stretch X and our other Multi GP Spec Class Components, and you are on your way to the podium!

Max Charge: 5C

Max Cont. Discharge: 95C

Max Charge Current: 8A

Max Burst Discharge: 190C

Max Burst Current: 304A

Weight (g): 185

Max Cont. Current: 152A

Dimensions (mm): 32 x 44 x 72

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