Venom Pro Quad Micro 1S LiPo/LiHV Whoop Battery Charger

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Whoops are smaller but it is serious business when it comes to beating your friends for bragging rights.  This charger knows this and wants to help you become the whoop champion! High performance charging at a low cost along with its small size is a no brainer for the serious whoopers.

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The Venom Pro Quad Micro 1S Charger was designed for the next generation of micro flyers.

With its compact and rugged design the Venom Pro Quad Micro 1S Charger is sure to be a staple in your micro flyer arsenal.

This little powerhouse boasts a sleek case design with a silky smooth rubberized texture, features an integrated power supply and 4 independent charge circuits for simultaneous charging up to four 1S batteries.

Each charge port features a LED status indicator and four popular connectors including: mCX (Picoblade 1.25mm), mCPX (JST-PH 2.0), JST, and Molex. The clear, easy to read LCD screen displays current and battery voltage for each channel keeping you informed of all the vital statistics.

Then Venom Pro Quad Micro 1S Charger allows you to step up your game by allowing charging of both standard LiPo batteries as well as the increasingly popular LiHV (4.35V) batteries.

User adjustable charge rates for each channel from 0.1A to 1.0A and in increments of 0.1A means you can set your desired charge rate with pinpoint accurately. The unique voltage check feature allows you to quickly and easily check your batteries current voltage, simply plug your battery in and its voltage will display on the LCD screen for rapid identification of state of charge.

  • Included Charge Leads: E-Flite JST-MCPX, E-Flite JST-MCX, JST, Mini Losi
  • Lithium Cell Count: 4 x 1 Cell
  • Charge Current: 4 x 0.1 - 1.0A
  • Circuit Power: 4 x 4.35W (17.4W Max)
  • Input: DC 9V-12V - AC 100V-240V
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Length: 125mm (4.8in)
  • Height: 55mm (2.1 in)
  • Width/Diameter: 120mm (4.75in)