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ARA5808V2, Arrma Kraton 8S BLX EXB Brushless RTR 1/5 4WD Monster Truck (Black) w/DX3 Radio, Smart ESC & AVC

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ARA5808V2T1, Arrma Kraton 8S BLX EXB Brushless RTR 1/5 4WD Monster Truck (Black) w/DX3 Radio, Smart ESC & AVC

Arrma Kraton 8S Chassis Bracing Photo


The Arrma Kraton 8S BLX EXB Brushless RTR 1/5 4WD Monster Truck stands as the pinnacle of Arrma's large-scale monster trucks, boasting unparalleled durability and performance straight from the box, thanks to its comprehensive EXtreme Bash (EXB) component package and powerful electronics. From adaptable 20mm bore shocks filled with oil to the strengthened drivetrain featuring entirely metallic differential outdrives and internal gearbox components, each aspect has been scrupulously fashioned to provide utmost efficiency and durability. Incorporate your preferred electronic components and hit the terrain with full force!

About The Kraton 8S

Arrma Kraton 8S Chassis Bottom Photo

This top-tier RC chassis exemplifies ultimate sturdiness, showcasing the resilient 7075 T6 aluminum chassis plate, etched with precision, that measures a substantial 5mm in thickness, ensuring unmatched toughness. Enhancing this foundation is the eye-catching front brace mount crafted from EXB red-anodized aluminum. The unique EXB body, boasting a blend of matte and gloss finishes, establishes a distinctive visual character.

Arrma Kraton 8S Electronics Photo

To give you the most powerful experience possible, Arrma has equipped this monster truck with a brutal Spektrum 5687 Firma 1100kV motor and 160A V2 ESC. The 8S capable motor boasts 10% more power than prior Kraton motors. Steering this massive truck is a Spektrum S6510 steel gear servo that gets aid from the Spektrum SRS6110AT Active Vehicle Control (AVC). AVC allows you to rip around with the most control and power.

Arrma Kraton 8S Upper Chassis Photo

Power distribution stands as a paramount factor in any high-performance monster truck, and Arrma has charged ahead with this monster truck. The drivetrain incorporates metallic outdrives, ring and pinions, driveshafts, and wheel hexes, all meticulously chosen to guarantee optimal resilience. A chassis complete with abundant bearings guarantees minimal power loss during transfer. This robust drivetrain is fully equipped to confront the most grueling terrains, roads, or recreational areas.

Arrma Kraton 8S Chassis Bracing Photo

The Multi-Structured chassis reinforcement comprises substantial 7075 aluminum braces, alongside robust chassis side pods. The lower angled chassis supports effectively curtail flexing at the chassis's front and rear ends, whereas the upper chassis brace diligently maintains the central chassis rigidity. This strategy serves to avert any potential bending or deformation of the chassis during the impact of forceful jumps.