XT60 Capacitor Connector Provision By EightAMFPV - 3D Printed TPU - Choose Your Color & Hardware

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***All XT60 Capacitor Connector Provision By EightAMFPV will now ship with an XT60 connector instead of the XT60 pigtail***

One of the many challenges of building a quality FPV mini or micro drone is dealing with noise filtering and voltage drop by power hungry motors and flight controllers. Electrical noise from motors, and video drop out from voltage sag can be a dangerous and crash inducing occurrence on FPV rigs. To fix these issues, you often have to introduce high powered capacitors, which are bulky and often take up more space than you have.

After battling this issue for some time, EightAMFPV designed a combination XT-60 and Capacitor component that provides an easy and clean way to include this critical component in your tight and space conscious builds.

* Requires XT60 Male Plug, NOT INCLUDED
* Requires 1000uf 35v Panasonic Capacitor, NOT INCLUDED

There is an option to bundle together the needed parts, but the XT60 pigtail is only part that comes assembled.