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RDQ 182 - FPV Racer - 5"

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$49.99 for a true 5" racer. In the words of one of our customers, "You can't beat this deal with a stick."

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Sample Build:

Strength, speed, and value. That is what the RDQ 182 offers in a greater combination than any other racer on the market. With a 4mm base plate, which has a lifetime warranty, you can spend more time racing and less time fixing. Have the confidence to push that left stick forward, because you know that the frame won't break (and if it somehow does, you're covered). 

This frame is a game changer not only in its form, but in its price and value. It is a true X, without any unneeded cuts into the carbon, and you can expect builds to come in at about 315-340 grams. The total frame weight, including hardware, is 76g.

Go fast, crash, and go fast again. This frame was built by racers for racers, so enjoy!

Here is a snapshot of the PIDs which we fly with. These will not be perfect for every build, but they will give you a good start at the very least. Run on Betaflight 2.8.1 w/XRacer F303 V3.1 @ 4k/4k:

Build tips:

Not breaking your gear is 90% your build and 10% how hard you crash. If you find that you are breaking components often, whether it be on this frame or others, seek the opinions of racers around you. For this frame in particular, here are a couple tips:

  • Cut your wires to length
  • Do not use pins - direct solder everything
  • Wrap the stack in electrical tape to button everything down and keep out dirt & debris
  • We have found that the video transmitter is best placed under one of the rear arms, along with the antenna. To do this, simply lock that sucker down with some electrical tape going all around the arm and over the ESC. From there, you can run the antenna straight off the transmitter, but we have found that the most robust setup is to use a pigtail SMA extension (also for sale on the site as an accessory) and to tape the antenna under the other rear arm.
  • There are a few ways to securely mount the receiver. The most robust setup we've seen is to sandwich the receiver to the flight controller. If you purchase this quad Ready-to-Fly (available under the Build Services tab), this is how it will come. This can be a challenge to build and to do it you may have to add a nut to increase the spacer area. The other ways are to mount it behind the video camera, or on top of one of the rear arms. Regardless, secure your wires from the transmitter to the flight controller well with heat shrink and electrical tape so those hungry props don’t try to touch them. 

If you would like to add to these, please message us on Facebook!


Note: There is no longer a warranty on this frame for financial reasons. That being said, it is tough as nails.

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