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HyperLite F4 Flight Controller - Version 1.2

  • $26.99

Presenting the latest HyperLite F4 FC, version 1.02!

This is a highly capable F4 flight controller, with both SBUS inversion capability and Spektrum Satellite support. Able to handle the latest innovations in flight controller software using a precise MPU 6000, the Hyperlite FC can run both RaceFlight and Betaflight at high (8khz) gyro refresh rates.

  • Revo target software, for both RaceFlight and BetaFlight
  • 36mm x 36mm (standard 30.5mm between mounting holes)
  • Supports RaceFlight and BetaFlight firmware
  • Uses a MPU6000 gyro
  • Gyro and MCU have 3.3V independent power supply
  • 6 motor output
  • Three available hardware UART ports
  • Built-in inverter for SBUS input
  • STM32F405 32-bit processor at 168MHz, 1Mb flash, 192kb ram
  • Micro USB connectivity using STM Virtual Communications Port
  • M25P16 16 Mbit, serial flash memory, 75 MHz SPI bus interface
  • Supports black box and strip LED
  • 5g weight

STM32 Driver, and Revo Firmware here

Follow the RaceFlight RCGroups thread here

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