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XRacer F303 V3.1 Flight Controller SPI

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Our favorite flight controller, and our choice for our RDQ 182 build which took 4th place at MultiGP Nationals. This board has everything you need, and nothing you don't. The board's layout and functions are tailored only to fpv racers and acro fliers, which results in a durable and low-cost, yet extremely effective flight controller for your next build.

The gyro is precise and the board is reliable. When other boards toast or stop working for no reason, this board will continue working hard for you and your quad. XRacer F303 V3.1 Flight Controller SPI boasts an updated and more accurate gyro over previous versions, able to run high refresh rates while still keeping up with the complex calculations which you demand.

The board’s layout makes it easy to setup and get running, and the provided wiring diagram (shown below), means you can get your board going on the very first try. When others are down for repairs, you’ll stay in the air. Give this flight controller a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Use the firmware titled "X_RACERSPI" on Betaflight.

Here are the PIDS that we fly on our RDQ 182 on Betaflight 2.8.1 at 4k/4k:

FEATURES for XRacer F303 V3.1 Flight Controller SPI:

  • Built in high capacity black box featuring 16mb flash memory. This will allow you to store an entire days worth of flights while you are out in the field burning through multiple batteries and flights. Next generation F3 processor for efficient flight calculations and those lower loop time youve been reading about. 
  • The size of the flight controller follows the form thats so typical in all the others allowing you to mount to the majority of the frames out on the market without the need of changing mounting holes on most base plates. 
  • 8 PWM I/0 lines for ESCs and added options you may choose. 
  • Supports Sbus, SumH, SumD, Xbus, PPM, PWM receivers but has a recommended and weight saving direct connection specifically for sbus, which is our recommended connection for flight control. 
  • Buzzer port for audible lost model location. 
  • Convenient pin outs for easy, reliable soldering. 
  • Only available in Acroconfiguration, no barometer or magnetometer.



Use the files is the provided link.



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