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DMT VTX - Switchable Video Transmitter with OSD - Hawkeye

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We are proud to present a tiny, feature rich, and reliable DMT Hawkeye VTX that includes OSD and 25mw, 200mw, and 600mw switchable power options. As if we couldn't make your life easier by getting rid of dip switches, we have now packaged it with a Push Button, and OLED screen, and OSD that shows the most critical data (see below features).

No more difficult configuring via a cluttered GUI. The in house designed and programmed OSD has been programmed with the essential information and is plug and play.

Take a few seconds to setup your callsign and you are ready to go. If you don't need all the extra information then you are free to turn the OSD off and take advantage of a super simple and monster of features vTX.

Video Transmitter Features:

  • Size length 28mm, width 21mm, height 11mm
  • Status LEDs Indicates power and transmit
  • Large Cap Large capacitors for clean power.
  • Voltage - 7.4v-24v input voltage.
  • Weight 10.5 grams (6g without SMA)
  • 25/200/400mw Transmitter 
  • Power Draw:TBDmah @ 25mw 5905
                         TBDmah @ 200mw 5905 
                         TBDmah @ 400mw 5905
    • Values may very depending on frequency and temperature.
  • 40 Channel *40 channel range tested.
  • ON BOARD OSD DISPLAYS: Callsign, Analog RSSI, Frequency, VTx Power Level, Battery timer 
  • NTSC/PAL: Auto detected
  • Antenna Connector: SMA Pigtail


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