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Foxeer Antenna New Version RHCP and LHCP - V2

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This is Foxeer's newest version of its durable and inexpensive 5.8G circular polarized antenna. The antenna is built to withstand wicked crashes endured during FPV racing and freestyle! The low cost and great durability make this antenna a solid choice for new and experienced pilots alike. The antenna is SMA and Right Hand Circular Polarized (RHCP), which means that it is compatible with the vast majority of setups! We have the RHCP and LHCP SMA version in 4 colors: Black, Green, Orange, and Red. It can be used as both a receiver and a transmitter antenna. 

We carry both the LHCP and RHCP (left hand circular polarized and right hand circular polarized). It is important that your LHCP and RHCP receiver and transmitter antennas match orientation (both must be RHCP or both must be LHCP). 

Frequency range: 5600-5950 MHz
Gain : 3DBi
SWR: <1.5
3dB horizontal lobe width: 360°
3dB verticle lobe width: 120°
Polarization: omni
Max power: 50W
Resistance: 50Ω
Lightning protection: DC Grounded
Polarization: LHCP / RHCP
Connector: RP-SMA / SMA
Size: 105×35mm (feeder line 75mm)
Weight: 12g
Material: Cu

Package Included:
1 x Antenna

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