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BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro Whoop Frame - Choose Your Color

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Be bold and brave with the BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro Whoop Frame! Choose from seven vibrant colors. Meteor75 Pro is durable, lightweight (7.73g) and the motor holder is strong for stable flying. Uses 1102/0802SE Triangle mount motors and accommodates a larger 1S batteries. Perfect for 45mm props; increases thrust for 1S whoops, with HD digital VTX.

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  • Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame is durable enough with a lightweight of 7.73g.
  • The motor holder utilizes a triangle bilateral stretch structure, extremely strong for motor installation. So flying is stable when the quadcopter is at high speed. Recommend motors with triangle mount like 1102, 0802 Brushless Motors.
  • The battery slot is bigger. Pilots can use a larger 1S battery with more capacity. Recommend BETAFPV 450mAh 1S Battery
  • The frame is perfect for 45mm propellers. It greatly enhances the thrust for 1S whoop, especially when carrying HD digital VTX.


  • Item: Meteor75 Pro Brushless Whoop Frame
  • Material: PP
  • Wheelbase: 80.8mm
  • Weight: 7.73g
  • Color: Black/Blue/Cyan/Yellow/Orange/White/Red
  • Motor mounting hole: 3-M1.4-φ6.6mm, 1102, 0802 Brushless Motors
  • FC mounting hole: 26x26mm, F4 1S 5A FC


  • 1x BetaFPV Meteor75 Pro Whoop Frame - Choose Your Color