Furious Flight Controllers

Furious Flight Controllers for Sale

Innovation! That sums up our Furious FPV collection of products in one word. Whether you strive for excellent diversity video made possible by the Furious True-D Diversity Receiver, or you are excited about the extremely clean build which the Kombini FC all-in-one Flight Controller will give you, RaceDayQuads has you covered!

RaceDayQuads always carries other Furious flight controllers like the Kombini FC. A reliable, clean, and exceptionally capable flight controller, the Furious Kombini has been our flight controller of choice for our most recent builds. With a built-in power distribution board (PDB), the Kombini eliminates the need for yet another board in your quad. Instead, you can solder every wire, including the ESCs, Camera, VTX, and receiver, straight to your flight controller. The result is a build which is clean, and on stacked builds shorter than before, thus making your quad stronger and more resilient. Besides it being an all-in-one solution, the Kombini also features a clean gyro and clean power output to your video transmitter, meaning precise control and clear video throughout your entire flight.

RaceDayQuads also carries other Furious products like the True-D Diversity Receiver. This receiver brings the power of a stand-alone diversity receiver system straight to your goggles. But, this system is simpler, cheaper, and easier to get going at the field – effortless, even! By being able to use two different antennas, like a TBS Triumph Omni Antenna and a standard patch antenna, you’re afforded ultra clean video as the True-D Receiver seamlessly and quickly switches to whichever receiver and antenna has the best video signal. And, at $20 cheaper than its closest competitor, this buy is a no-brainer and RaceDayQuads is happy to bring it to you.

If you’re looking for the latest in FPV drone racing innovation, check out our Furious flight controllers. Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for the FPV flying with the latest innovations from Furious FPV.