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iFlight R5 2207 2050Kv Motor

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This motor has been specially developed for Race drones, such as the Mach R5 Racing drone. Thanks to advanced construction in the manufactory, its smooth, reliable and powerful performance is improved yet again. By introducing new center-slotted N52H curved arc magnets, the motor's response time is drastically shortened. As a result of the high quality materials used and the durable joint of bell and shaft, we were able to reduce the magnet air gap and stator lamination to a minimum. The smaller the air gap is, the lower that reluctance and the higher the magnetic flux (which is the magnetic analog of current), causing more efficiency and higher power!

iFlight is one of the most respected companies in the FPV community when it comes to premium motors; this is one of them. 

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  • Model: R5 2207 Motor
  • KV: 2050KV
  • Weight(included wire): 34.6g
  • Dimension: 28.x31.5mm
  • Interphase Resistance: 56.3mΩ
  • Input Volts: 25.2V
  • Peak Current: 49.53A
  • Max Watt: 1166.4W
  • Mounting Holes: 16x16 φ3mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 5mm
  • Shaft Protruding Length: 12.5mm
  • Lead: 150mm/20AWG
  • Magnet: N52H Curved
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Bearing Type: NSK
  • Bearing Specification: φ9xφ4x4
  • Winding: Single Strand copper winding


  • 1x iFlight R5 2207 2050Kv Motor
  • 4x M3x8
  • 1x M5 Flanged Nylon Insert Lock Nut