ImpulseRC Alien Mr.Steele PDB for KISS w/ OSD & Mic

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The much anticipated Mr. Steele KISS PDB for the ImpulseRC Alien frame series!

Built using Steele's preferred and tested components, and designed to be used in conjunction with Flyduino's KISS FC & ESCs. Simply by solder the power and signal leads from your ESCs and connect two jumper cables, the majority of your work is done. You're on your way to a super clean, fully KISSed Alien build!

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  • Designed closely with Alexander Wolf (KISS OSD) to modify the firmware for Steele's requirements.
  • Dual cascading regulators with auxiliary filters provide silky smooth power.
  • Even "LiPo" powered VTXs with poor regulation and noise by default are scrubbed clean when powered through Steele PDB.
  • Quality electret microphone combined with an advanced amplifier circuit for automatic gain control, allowing real-time audio level adjustment. 
  • Fully 6S capable out of the box.


    • 1x Mr Steele Alien PDB for KISS with built in OSD and Mic
    • 1x Alien CF Center Plate - 1.5mm
    • 1x Double side stick tape for PDB
    • 1x 10 Pin male serial cable to KISS male jumpers
    • 1x Genuine XT-60 with 14AWG Silicon wire
    • 20mm Open cell foam with adhesive backing (for Mic)
    • 8x M3 Press nuts - Stainless Steel
    • 1x M3x6 Cap - High Tensile Steel
    • 1x 1mm Spacer - Aluminium - Black