TrueRC Em-Vee 1.3 1.3GHz SMA Antenna - Linear

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The Vee is a sort of dipole bent to form a “V” of more or less angle. It yield a more uniform radiation pattern with nulls on top and bottom that aren’t as bad as the regular straight dipole.  We pushed it a little further with more pronounced angle that reduce nulls further, especially toward the bottom (under the logo).

Perfect for the Matek 1.3GHz VTX!

Check out our ever expanding selection of VTX antennas and our range of TrueRC gear!


  • Frequencies: 1240-1360MHz
  • Gain:1.7dBi
  • Connector: SMA
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 61mm (150mm cable)

Patent pending.


  • 1x TrueRC Em-Vee 1.3 1.3GHz SMA Antenna - Linear