Racer X Mutant 4 4" Micro Frame

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With the new release of the HQ T4x2.5 and BetaFPV  20A Toothpick aio, BetaFPV and HQ provided us with these products to help them test prior to their release. We designed the TWIG MUTANT 4 around these two new exciting new products. The TWIG MUTANT 4 is a mutated TWIG frame that we have made some exciting new changes to as we did the new TWIG XL line up of frames . The frame is premium 3mm thick high grade T700 carbon cut along the weave and chamfered on both sides interior and exterior edges at .7mm. The frame is 160mm motor post to motor post and swing up to 4” props. The motor mounting is for 4-hole 9x9 or 12x12 motor mounts. The frame can accommodate a 20x20 stack or a whoop toothpick aio. With the 20A 2-4S whoop toothpick aio now available from BetaFPV it allows us to swing larger 4’ props as well as even use larger amp draw motors such as 1408 that we installed on our first prototype.

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With this new frame design we also have provided both standard and toilet tank mounting battery strap slots. The frame also has our TWIG TWIST keyholes,  so TPU battery mounts can also be purchased separately for both regular and toilet tank mounting for 2S, 3S, & 4S sized batteries.   The TWIG MUTANT 4 uses the same TWIG XL canopies so they can be interchangeable on any of these frame designs.  The canopies have 5 to 55 degrees of angle adjustment for any 19x19 micro camera.   A 14x14 Nano camera can be also used with a micro camera adapter (not included).  The standard canopy has also been designed so that the HappyModel Diamond DVR/VTX can be used with it and you can access the SD card and buttons with the way we designed this canopy. You do not have to use a Diamond/VTX as any vtx will work with room to mount on top of the aio or 20x20 stack.  

The kit comes with all the required mounting hardware if you were to want to use a Diamond VTX as well two different size M3 standoffs (M3x6mm & M3x8mm) depending on how tall you build your stack or if you use a 20x20 stack.  


  • High grade 3mm thick T700 carbon cut along the weave and chamfered on both sides interior and exterior edges at .7mm
  • 20x20 or whoop/toothpick stack mounting
  • Slotted motor mounts for 9x9 to 12x12mm motors
  • 5-55 degree camera angle adjusment


    • 1x TWIG MUTANT 4 T700 Chamfered Frame
    • 1x 30mm X 30mm X 3mm Premium Umma Grip Battery Pad
    • 1x Custom Racer X FPX Premium, Battery Strap
    • 1x TPU Canopy
    • 4x TPU Arm Guards
    • 4x TPU Motor Wire Clips
    • 4x M3x6mm Black Nylon Standoffs
    • 4x M3X8mm Black Nylon Standoffs
    • 8x M3x6mm Black Button Head Socket Cap Screws
    • 4x M2X16mm Black Button Head Socket Cap Screws
    • 8x M2 Black Nylon Nuts
    • 4x HQ T4X2.5 Prop (2 CW, 2 CCW)