Diatone Mamba F722 Mini 20x20 Stack/Combo

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Note: The STM32F722 generates a decent amount of heat, please leave at least 5mm either side of the FC in your stack to allow adequate air circulation.

This 6S capable F7 Stack is more proof that 20x20 doesn't mean sacrificing features. Check out the specs and wiring diagram below for a look at the extensive FC features! Paired with the new Mamba 306 30A 4in1 ESC, this is a killer value stack! We also carry the Mamba F7 stack in 30x30.

Check out all our 20x20 Stacks and Combos and all our Diatone Gear!

FC Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S (8.4-25V)
  • VTS Protection: Yes
  • MCU: 216MHz STM32F722RET6 32BIT
  • IMU: MPU6000
  • OSD:  BF OSD, AT7456E
  • Black Box: 16MB Flash Memory
  • Uarts: 6
  • ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/1200
  • ESC Telemetry: RX2
  • Firmware: Betaflight: Target: MAMBA F722
  • BEC: 5V 2A (Max 3A)
  • Current Sensor Input: ESC Telemetry & Current ADC
  • Smart Audio: Yes
  • RSSI: Yes
  • Buzzer: Yes
  • LED: Blue&Orange for FC Status,,Green 9V,White 5V,Red 3.3V 
  • LED Controller: 4 Set 2812 LED
  • Barometer: No
  • Bluetooth: SpeedyBee App
  • Mounting: 20x20mm, M2
  • Dimensions: 30x36.5x13.5mm
  • Weight: 3.9g

ESC Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 2-6S (7.4-25V)
  • Max. Continuous Current: 30A
  • Max Burst Current: 35A (10sec)
  • Protocol: Dshot300/600/1200 
  • BEC: No
  • Current Sensor: Telemetry
  • Mounting Dimensions 20x20mm, M2
  • Weight: 7g


  • 1x Diatone Mamba F722 Mini 20x20 Flight Controller
  • 1x Diatone Mamba 306 2-6S 30A 20x20 4in1 ESC
  • 1x Panasonic High Frequency 470uF/35V Capacitor    
  • 1x Protective Top Plate
  • 1x XT60 Connector
  • 2x 4in1 ESC Connector Cable
  • 4x Spare Stack Bolts
  • 12x O-Ring Dampeners

Wiring Diagram & More Info

Diatone Mamba F722 Mini 20x20 Stack for Sale

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