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weBLEEDfpv 0702 40,000kv SKRRRT Micro Motors w/Knurled Shaft Design SET OF (4 MOTORS)

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WBFPV is the 1st to introduce KNURLED internal shafts, this simple improvement helps decrease shaft slippage "aka" desynced motor! 

0702 40,000kv SKRRRT w/Knurled Shaft Design 



***DISCLAIMER: Our SKRRRT 40,000kv motors are designed for speed! It's crucial to let your whoop rest for at least 10 minutes between flights to prevent ESC damage. Continuous flying with our 40K SKRRRT motors increase the risk of ESC damage. Please ensure a 10-mintue cooling time between each flight. WEBLEEDFPV is not responsible for potential damages to your ESC's. Buy purchasing these motors the user acknowledges and understands the possible risk, to the ESC's ...