FPVEarbuds Volume Control Earbud V2 (Slider) - Black w/ Logo

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This is the new Fpvearbud with volume control V2 ,made special for fpv goggles. If you haven’t tried flying your quad with Audio you have been missing a HUGE part of the fpv experience!

There is a reason why top pilots like having audio! Flying with audio and with one of our fpvearbuds this will allow you to hear your throttle and be able to know if something is wrong with your quad just by the sound. When flying freestyle having audio helps you feel locked into my quad. Using audio while racing helps you tune everything else out and focus on your lines. Its especially beneficial when flying long range this will help you stay connected to your quad. Instead of just hearing echos of your throttle, you will hear your throttle.

You will love it. The sound quality is amazing you will not be disappointed! 

Check out our full earbud selection, and our full range of FPV Goggles & Accessories!


  • The V2 VC bud has a sliding analog volume control
  • 11 inch cord
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Soft Earbud that will work for right or left ear.
  • Fpvearbud's  Bad Ass logo engraved on the earbud pod as seen in the pictures.
  • Upgraded speaker to filter out wind noise and highlight the motor noise.


  • 1x Volume Control Earbud V2 

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