TBS Products

Team Blacksheep, also known as TBS, is a leader in all things FPV (first person view). Known for innovative technology and excellent quality products, you cannot go wrong with a purchase of their product! They have a vast experience in programming and design of electric equipment and product design. Specializing in Manufacturing and Marketing FPV gear. With a lot of years and experience in remote control planes they have been a leading contender and manufacturer in FPV racing. Who else can offer such great product but the experts!

Here at RaceDayQuads, we carry three types of TBS FPV products: video transmitters (VTXs), antennas, and lipo bags. Their video transmitters are known for clean, reliable video and also allow you to power the transmitter directly off of battery voltage. Their antennas provide a clean and crisp picture while also being durable. And, lastly, their Lipo Bag will allow you to travel and fly safely with your Lipo Batteries.

For us at RaceDayQuads, our pilots love (and fly!) a number of TBS FPV products.  Their Triumph Antennas and the Unify Pro HV Race Edition!  If you are looking for the highest quality components which will keep you in the air and have you on the winner podium, then Team Blacksheep products are the way to go!

We definitely our proud to offer TBS FPV products to our Client and know that you will not be disappointed. We look forward to keeping you update with the latest product that they release and of course offering their product at the lowest cost. Should you have any question as to what component will work best for you and your FPV racing quad, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond very quickly!

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