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RDQ Power Supply v2 - 400W/16.7A/24V -Updated Plug and Play for ISDT Chargers and Others

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This is a compact, capable, and plug and play power supply which is immediately ready to power your ISDT Chargers. With a 400 watt and 16.7 amp power rating, you are able to make the very most of your charger's capabilities with this power supply. You can easily power your most challenging charging setups, like multiple batteries going full blast on a parallel charging board. No modifications or custom cables are needed with this power supply, which is measures only 230x64x35mm. You can even power multiple chargers at once, since this charger has multiple power output terminals. This power supply comes standard with short protection, overload protection, and overheat protection. 

Safety Note: Never leave charging batteries unattended. Always charge batteries inside of a fire proof container which sits on a fire resistant surface.

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  • Max Output Power: 400W
  • Max Output Amps: 16.7A
  • Input Voltage: 100-130V
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Size: 230x64x35mm
  • 2 Output Terminals
  • Plug and Play for ISDT Chargers and any other chargers accepting 24v input
  • Short Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overtemp Protection


  • 1x RDQ Power Supply - 400W/16.7A/24V - Plug and Play for ISDT Chargers and Others
  • 1x Power Plug and XT60 Power Lead.