VAS Cyclops Receiver Antenna Array for DJI FPV System

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RDQ is pleased to add this antenna array to our expanding collection of DJI compatible FPV frames, parts & accessories.

The Cyclops is a circular array designed specifically to work with the new DJI FPV HD system. This single panel array houses four left hand circularly polarized antennas each with a 120 degree beamwidth.  If you are looking to punch through thick foliage, buildings or travel long distances previously unobtainable by the DJI FPV system, the Cyclops antenna should be your first choice. A custom bracket with hardware for mounting the array to the DJI FPV goggles and all required cables are also included. 

*For antenna upgrade for the transmitter side of the DJI System we recommend our new LHCP Minion Pro w/MMCX Right Angle connector.

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  • Gain: 10.25dbi
  • Beam width: 120 degrees
  • -3db point: 60 degrees


  • 1x VAS Cyclops Antenna Array for DJI FPV System