DYS Aria 3-6S 32Bit DShot1200 70A ESC

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For those who are wanting to push their power limits further than the normal hobbyist, DYS has answered the call! This 32 bit ESC comes in at 9.52 grams with a 80a burst rating.  



◆ 32 bit ARM Cortex MCU STM 32 F 051 48 MHZ microprocessor, throttle 2048 resolution ratio, strong anti-interference capacity. 
◆ The built-in temperature sensor is overlaid on the FC's OSD through the telemetry port, and the temperature protection setting can be programmed. 
◆ Supports Blheli_32 firmware, you can use the signal line to upgrade the firmware or change the settings online. 
◆ Current meter to display the current display of the OSD. 
◆ With the USB linker you can use the self-adaptive control system, 
such as positive and negative, bidirectional mode, FPV 3D mode, motor speed, braking, PWM frequency, inlet angular velocity setting, onboard RGB LED, beep sound etc. 
, 500HZ PWM, oneshot 125, while 
oneshot 42, Multishot and Dshot 150/300/600/1200 you can automate with all kinds of motors in the market . 
◆ By performing special optimization with multiple axes, throttle curve becomes smooth, response is fast, power is increased, multi-axis fixed-wing 
◆ Since the signal line is a twisted pair, crosstalk during transfer can be reduced and flight stability is improved. 
◆ MCU hardware, driver circuit, MOSFET have dual voltage protection.
◆ Adoption of a new process MOSFET with low internal resistance helps to increase the resistance to flow. Also, the professional MOS driver chip creates the highest efficiency. 
◆ Since the MOSFET is covered with aluminum sheet for cooling, efficiency and stability are improved. 
◆ A special process with 8 layers of PCB thickness will lower resistance, small calorific value and large impact resistance current. 
It is easy to miniaturize parts, reduce weight, and assemble them. 

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