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RaceDayQuads Affiliate Program

Please read this page. You may register for an affiliate account at the bottom after reading.

The Jist.

Earn 8% cash from each affiliate purchase. You post a link, someone else makes an order using that link, you earn Cash paid monthly via PayPal!

First Thing's First 

Needlessly spamming people will result in your affiliate account being terminated. People don't like to be spammed. Use your affiliate status in a tasteful way. If you are going to recommend a relevant product to someone or a group or on a blog/site, that is okay. But, explain the product - explain why it's relevant and why it would be a good choice. For example, if someone is asking about which motors to select, using your affiliate link to link to a specific set of motors we carry and saying something about the motors is how this should be used. Linking our homepage or a product someone does not care about would be considered spam. We will terminate your account if we feel you spam repeatedly or if we receive complaints about your affiliate posting. Using your link in paid ad campaigns is allowed.

What Is the Affiliate program? 

Earn money without having to actually sell anything! You don't even need a website! Earning money is easy with our affiliate program - promote RaceDayQuads products on your website, blog, social media or any online location and receive commission on any sale you successfully refer.

How Does the Affiliate program work? 

An affiliate (you) works with to promote our website and products on external sites by posting an affiliate URL. You are paid commission on any order the customer you referred places within 3 days (72 hours) of clicking your link.

Payouts & Terms:

If someone comes to online via your affiliate link, and that person makes a purchase within 72 hours of clicking your link, you, the affiliate, will receive 8% cash on that sale. The 8% does not include tax or shipping fees. Your payout is paid monthly, within the last three days of each month. If you need more frequent payouts, simply contact us and we will work with you! You may not use your affiliate link to make purchases. Doing so will result in your affiliate account being terminated, and any pending funds not being paid out. 

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