Custom 3D Printing

RDQ is happy to provide the FPV industry with professional and affordable 3D printing services. If one of the many 3D printed products we carry is not what you need, and you need something custom, you have made it to the right page! 

Here are some quick notes, so you can quickly decide if this service is for you:

  • Printing is only available in TPU
  • Printing is available in the following colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Emerald, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White and Yellow
  • You must have the the STL file available for us to use. Custom design jobs are not currently available.
  • Typical print turnaround time is 24 hours or less from the time you pay your invoice to the time your item is shipped out of our warehouse. This could be longer if your print is especially difficult or the print fails while printing. If you choose to order other items when you also order your print, your entire order will be delayed.


Price: The cost for custom 3D printing is $2.49/hour, with a minimum $4.99 charge (labor based file and printer setup fee that is the same with every print). Pricing on the invoice will accurate to the minute, if it is more than $4.99. For reference, a GoPro mount typically takes us 4-6 hours to print, depending on the mount. Something smaller will take less time, something bigger will take more. 

For example, a 1 hour print would be $4.99 (because $4.99 is our minimum charge).

A 4 hour print would be $2.49 x 4 = $9.96 + shipping and tax as applicable. This is typical of a GoPro mount (REALLY depends on the file, could be more or less for your file).

Placing an Order

Below is a quick guide to how to place an order! Following the guide will make for the quickest turnaround on your item. We're looking forward to printing your item!

  1. Find or design the STL file you'd like us to print!
  2. Ask yourself - do you want to include other items from the store in you order? Doing so will delay the entire shipment until the print is complete, but you will be able to save on shipping (orders over $50 are free shipping). 
  3. If no to #2, continue to #4. If yes to #2, load all the items you'd like to buy into your cart, and take a "snip" (or screenshot) of your entire cart using the snip function on your computer (home button in the bottom left > type "snip" > use the snipping tool). 
  4. Open up your email browser. Please email us from an email that is already registered on RDQ. If you don't have an account with us, please create one and enter your shipping address.
  5. Start an email to Note that not using this address (and instead emailing our support team, for example) will delay your order.
  6. In the email, attach your STL file and please let us know how many of the item you want and what color you want it printed in. If you have a screenshot of items you want added to your order, attach that as well!
  7. Sit back and relax! Our team will load your file into our system, see how long it'll take to print, and email you back an invoice for that item, shipping (if the order is under $50 value), and any items you attached for us from step #2. The team will also email you telling you that we've compiled a quote and sent over an invoice.
  8. Pay the invoice, AND email the team at to let our techs know that your order has been paid (just respond back to the email they sent telling you that they sent over an invoice). Emailing our team will avoid an unnecessary delay and allow us to immediately start on your print.
  9. Sit back and relax, again! When the item ships you will get a shipping notification. If the team has trouble printing your file for whatever reason, they'll email you and if it cannot be printed then you will be refunded in full.


Q: What happens if the print fails?

A: If the print fails, we will print it again. If it fails again, we will print it again. If it fails again, we will email you and let you know that the item could not be printed. This could happen for many reasons, but the most likely reason is that your file is just plain... weird. Without getting nerdy into 3D printing speak, there is a lot that goes into making a file print well and we are relying on your file to do that. If your file just isn't great, it won't print well. Most files are fine, though.

Q: What happens if the print doesn't fit what I'm using it for?

A: This is always an inherent risk in 3D printing. A file that someone made and put on Thingiverse could be perfect for their printer and too big or too small on someone else's printer. While rare with recent advances in printing, it still happens from time to time. Ultimately, RDQ has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like your print or it doesn't fit, email our team at They will either print it again, or give you a store credit towards another purchase. 

Q: Why is my order taking longer that 24 hours?

A: Odds are that your file is repeatedly failing on our printers and we are trying to fine tune as much as we can to get you a satisfactory print. Printing can be a hassle! Please be patient. Your order is being worked on. You'll either get a shipping notification or an email from the team letting you know that the print failed (rare).

Q: Do I really have to pay shipping on a $5 part?

A: If the order is under $50 in value, yes. Even if your part is cheap and light, there is still going to be a cost (typically $3.60+) to ship even the lightest of prints. 

Q: Can you print in PLA? ABS? Anything other than TPU? PLEASEEEE?

A: No, sorry. We specialize in TPU.

Q: How many printers do you have going? What are your printer types? What are your print settings?

A: What is this, 20 questions?! We have a print farm of roughly 15 Prusa I3 MK3 printers. The print settings are different and custom to each printer. Our team does not have the manpower to offer print settings, print tips, or to help you with your own printer. Sorry!! We wish we could, there are just only so many hours in the day.

Q: Can you help me with my own 3D printing?

A: Unfortunately our guys will politely tell you that we do not offer this service. If we do not sell it, we do not offer customer support for it.

Q: Why are your prints so cheap?

A: Because we love our customers! Thank you for supporting your RDQ family :).