Earn RDQ Rewards Points With RDQ Forums

When it originally launched in late 2017, RDQ Rewards was the first of its kind in FPV. By offering you rewards points for interacting with the site, making an account, leaving reviews and making purchases, it gave RDQ customers a great way to earn discounts for things they were already doing. 

Today, we are doubling down on this by including RDQ Rewards with RDQ Forums. By interacting on the Forum, you'll receive rewards points which you can then redeem like normal for store credit (FREE STUFF!!). 

You'll receive the following points:

5 Points - Making a new post, replying to a post, and adding a custom avatar

1 Point - Upvoting posts you like


To redeem the points, simply message customer support at support@racedayquads.com, who will move points from your Forum account to your RDQ Rewards account.


COOL, huh? We're pretty excited and we hope you are too! Thank you for your continued support of RaceDayQuads.


Note: Any user found to be taking advantage of the system will have their rewards account permanently disabled and all rewards points will be lost. This is at the sole discretion of RDQ and RDQ Forum Moderators.