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FPV Equipment & Gear

FPV equipment & gear is what makes this sport so awesome and so unique. It is what makes our racing quads first person view! At RaceDayQuads, we are pleased to offer all of the top products from the best manufacturers at various price levels so you can make the purchase that’s right for you.

We have low cost FPV gear from a large number of manufacturers like Eachine VTXs, FX799T VTXs, TBS (Team Blacksheep) video transmitters, as well as Foxeer and Runcam Cameras. If you are looking for a budget build, the Eachine VTX is the way to go. If you are looking for a high quality build, then the TBS or FX799t video transmitters are best for you. Plainly, we carry what we fly and we love to fly the Foxeer and Runcam Cameras. The Foxeer Arrow V2 is superb for everyday operations and even features an OSD with a 4:3 video output, while the Runcam Eagle provides a superb 16:9 view, optimized for goggles with a 16:9 output like the Dominator V3’s.

In our FPV Equipment & gear section you will also find antennas for your goggles and VTXs! We have the solution to fit every budget, as we currently offer both TBS and RDQ antennas. The TBS Triumphs are widely renowned as one of the best antennas ever made, and the RDQ Omni’s provide a great solution at an affordable cost.

Regardless of your build, we have what you need to see clearly when you fly. From video transmitters, to cameras, to antennas, our FPV Equipment section of our site has it all! Should you have any question as to what component will work best for you and your FPV racing quad, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will respond very quickly!

Also Check out the NEW Foxeer Arrow V2 HS1190!