12V 30W Low-voltage Hand-held Soldering Iron - XT60

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A 12V 30W soldering iron with an XT60 plug for on the field repairs!

Not enough features? Check out the TS100 with variable temperature!


Item brand: NL
Item name: Low-voltage Hand-held Soldering Iron
Item material : Plastic handle electric iron
Item size: 23MM
Working temp :300℃-350℃
Voltage : less than 12V 
Power : 30W
Warm-up time :3 minutes(12V)
Battery :1-3S lipo battery 
Plug: XT60

Fast, lightweight, elegant. New design, stable performance, stainless steel housing, fast heat dissipation. Unique structure, handle low temperature, feel comfortable. High insulation, long life, fast heating heat, not easy to damp leakage, handle lightweight.

Package Included:
1X Low-voltage Hand-held Soldering Iron