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17300kv Special Sauce Whoop Motors 64000rpm - 6x15mm - RaceDayQuads

17300kv Special Sauce Whoop Motors 64000rpm - 6x15mm

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If you want the longest flight time, or you run the stock inductrix board, then these Special Sauce 17300kv motors are the motors for you! These will also allow you to race with any of our Flight Controllers, including the Beecore, AcroWhoop, and Beebrain. If you're not sure what to buy, feel free to Contact Us!

Note: These motors are not strong enough to do rolls, flips, or similar tricks. To do those you must fly on a Flight Controller we carry with either the Super Fast Motors or Super Insane Motors.

To maximize performance and life span, don't run them in reverse! 

Rating: 64000rpm at 3.7v, 65700rpm at 3.8v (HV batteries), 17300kv

Clockwise (CW): red +, blue -

Counter Clockwise (CCW): white +, black -

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