0615 "Super Insane" (Fastest Inductrix Motors @ 73000rpm) 19600Kv Brushed Whoop/Micro Motor 4 Pack

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Hello, power! Leave your friends in the dust with the fastest 19600kv Super Insane Inductrix Whoop motors that money can buy. At a whooping (get it?) 19600kv, these are even faster than our 19000kv Insane motors and our 18300kv Super Fast motors. Flip, roll, dive, and race faster than ever before.

The punch and speed on these are, well, Super Insane! Being that these motors are faster than any other, they will drain your batteries faster than our Super Fast motors, but the speed, punch, and throttle responsiveness is worth it in our eyes. Be sure to grab out 250mah HV batteries for the longest flight time possible. We highly recommend an upgraded battery cable, whether it be JST 1.25 or PH2.0. We also recommending flying these motors with an acro-capable flight controller, whether it be the Beebrain, Beecore, or Acrowhoop

Rating: 73000rpm at 3.7v, 75000rpm at 3.8v (HV batteries), 19600kv

2x  Clockwise (CW): red +, blue -

2x  Counter Clockwise (CCW): white +, black -

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