6x15mm Micro Motor 18300kv Super Fast Coreless Motor 68000rpm (Set of 4)

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These motors work on every FC available, including the stock FC, the BeeBrain FC, and the AcroWhoop FC

Super Fast, responsive, and just awesome. These 6x15mm Micro Motor 18300kv Coreless motors, made by Chaoli (the same company who makes every other 6x15mm motor on the mainstream mini quad market), are powerful and allow for your BeeBrain FC or AcroWhoop FC to do flips, rolls, dives, you name it! But, at slightly less kv than the Insane Motors and Super Insane Motors (18,300kv vs 19,000kv vs 19600kv), the RDQ Super Fast motors will yield longer flight times, battery life, and motor life. 

If you aren't sure what motor is right for you, and you want a healthy mix between power and flight time, give these motors a try!

To maximize performance and life span, don't run them in reverse! 

Rating: 68000rpm at 3.7v, 70000rpm at 3.8v (HV batteries), 18300kv

2x  Clockwise (CW): red +, blue -

2x  Counter Clockwise (CCW): white +, black -


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