APC 6x4EP Bi-Blade 6" Wing Prop (1PC)

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Speed 400 Electric Prop reverse rotation (counter-clockwise / CCW))

APC propellers are made from composite materials using long glass fibers or long carbon fibers with a Nylon matrix. The performance and low noise advantages are largely due to the precision methods used to design and manufacture APC propellers.

APC model aircraft propellers have enjoyed strong acceptance and growth since their introduction in 1989. They are especially popular with advanced sport pilots, and in aerobatic and racing events. APC propellers are used worldwide by top competitors.

Also available in standard rotation

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    • Diameter: 6"
    • Pitch: 4"
    • Hub Diameter: 0.50"
    • Hub Thickness: 0.25"
    • Shaft Diameter 1/4"
    • Weight: 0.18oz
    • Color: Grey

    Performance Data


    • 1x APC 6x4EP Bi-Blade 6" Prop (1PC)
    • 1x Adapter Ring Set from LPAR18SF and LPARM12SF