AtomRC PNP Dolphin Plane - Optional FPV System

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The AtomRC PNP Dolphin Plane is a durable lightweight PNP plane with molded EPP embedded with carbon fiber tubes. This has everything you need to fly, just add an  RX and and FPV system. Features include a detachable wings and nose, fuselage protector, integrated GoPro mount, and other cool features!

Unlike most PNP planes, you will have to install the included electronics. 

The FPV option adds an FPV system which includes a VTX, VTX antenna, and Camera.

Find the Kit version here!

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  • 845mm wingspan
  • EPP molded , embedded with carbon fiber tubes, durable and lightweight.
  • Detachable wing, easy to transport.
  • Carbon fiber tubes help keep wings rigid during flight
  • V tail design for added stability
  • Detachable nosecone for GoPro mounting
  • Air inlet and outlet for FPV gear cooling.
  • Compatible with GoPro Hero 5-7.
  • Pre-installed wing and fuselage protector for durability
  • Pre-installed camera and VTX antenna cable for FPV gear.
  • Movable battery slot for “CG” adjustment.
  • Air inlet and outlet for FPV gear cooling.


      • Wingspan: 845mm
      • Length: 710mm
      • Dimension: 660*225*135mm
      • Propeller recommend: 5-6 inch
      • Battery recommend : 4S 1300-2200mah


      • 1 x Dolphin Kit
      • 1 x Ball Push/ Push Rod
      • 1 X Sticker
      • 1 x Battery Strap
      • 1 x Screws 
      • 1 x Camera Cable
      • 1 x SMA to UFL VTX cable
      • 1x 2306 Motor
      • 1x AtomRC 30A Exceed BLS 5V/3A BEC
      • 1x AtomRC Exceed 9g Servo
      • 1 x Atomrc Exceed 500mW Mini VTX (Optional)
      • 1x 5.8GHz Antenna (Optional)
      • 1 x Foxeer Razer Nano 1200TVL 14mm Camera (Optional)