Falcon Multirotors Bannilite by BanniUK 5'' Racing Frame

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Designed by BanniUK.

We collaborated on every aspect of this frame with Luke Bannister, AKA BanniUK. Luke had some very specific requirements, tweaks, and goals, and this frame implements all of them.

Luke flew the Bannilite at UK Nationals for 1st place and is flying it exclusively as his race rig for the 2018 season.

Ultimate camera protection.

When we say camera protection, we mean it. Even a full-on face-first metal gate hit directly in the middle of the frame results in impact only against the horizontal standoff or 2.5mm thick camera plates.

The last thing you need to be doing between heats is swapping a camera, and Bannilite makes it so you don't have to.

Supports all of Banni's favorite components.

Gemfan 5.1" props, TMotor 2207+ motors, the Hobbywing 4in1 stack, RunCam Swift Micro, TBS Unify, and the TBS Micro Crossfire reciever all fit comfortably on the frame, with no compromises or clever tricks required.

Swap arms without perturbing your stack.

If you manage to break one of its durable 5mm arms, Bannilite makes it simple to swap it out with 2 screws, all without getting in the way of your stack.

Not afraid to accessorize.

A host of accessories, such as booties, battery protectors, GoPro mounts, antenna mounts, and more are all available on Thingiverse.

Get accessories at Thingiverse Logo


Wheelbase 220mm
Prop size 5"
Weight 69g
Arm Dimensions 5mm thick, 9.75mm wide
Stack height 30mm or 20mm

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