Beacon Adhesives Foam Tac Adhesive Glue - 2oz

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Foam-Tac is perfect for all types of foam including EPP, EPO, DEPRON, ETC. It also works great on balsa wood, carbon fiber and 3D printed parts.

Foam-Tac’s improved formula now contains UV blockers so that it can be used in the field in direct sunlight without any yellowing or degrading. We’ve also added a special adhesion promoter to make the glue even stronger and more durable than before.

For RC Builders – Hands down, Foam-Tac is a great choice for building and repairing all parts of foam planes including motor mounts, control horns and rods, attaching servos, and tacking down wires.

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  • 1x Beacon Adhesives Foam Tac Adhesive - 2oz