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 The Beta75X HD cinewhoop is here at last with a smaller, lighter 75mm frame but still packing a powerful 3S punch! Featuring an updated F4 FC/12A ESC AIO board, and customized 1103 8000Kv micro motors, this little whoop is ready to rip!

This HD version includes a customized Caddx Turtle V2 FPV/HD Camera for recording 1080P 60 FPS Video. Arguably the best quality video you can get on a quad this size without gutting a session.  

Available with 4 different receiver options, be sure to select the version right for your radio. 

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  • Flight Controller & ESC are upgraded to F4 FC/12A ESC AIO board, giving your 3S whoop a major power boost.
  • Motors upgraded to 1103 8000KV for more thrust and 3S capability.
  • Camera upgraded to custom Caddx EOS2 for crisp image and low interference. 
  • Props upgraded to Betafpv X Gemfan Props, washout is almost non-existent! 


  • Beta75X signifies a new era in whoop quads. The power to weight improvements mean you can actually fly real acro like a larger quad while still remaining small enough and quiet enough to fly just about anywhere!
  • The high performance of the STM32F411CEU6 processor and great tuning of the Betaflight MATEKF411 (MK41) firmware, anyone can fly and enjoy the Beta75X.
  • The custom EOS2 provides crisp, low latency FPV feed perfect for fast and agile flying, and the 200mW VTX sends a strong and steady signal.
  • The 75X frame was customized with durability and weight in mind, meaning you'll get a great power to weight ratio (45.3g total weight) for snappy flying on 3S, but still be able to survive a nasty crash.
  • The entire quad can be disassembled without soldering. Motors and camera are plug and play for maximum stick time. 
  • BetaFPV recommends 300mAh 3S high discharge rate batteries, which are not included. Check out the other RDQ Series 3S batteries for more options.

Compatible with these RDQ packs without modification:

Compatible with these RDQ packs after modification:

BetaFPV BNF Beta75X HD Brushless Cinewhoop for Sale

BetaFPV Modification Note: Please kindly cut out these three sticks ① ② ③ by using the scissors as the following picture to fit the 3S 300mah Battery, be carefully not to cut the wire of the receiver.

BetaFPV BNF Beta75X HD for Sale


  • Frame: Beta75X Frame
  • Motors: 1103 8000KV motor with connector
  • Props: 40mm 4-blades props, 1.5mm shaft hole
  • Camera: Customized Caddx Turtle V2
  • VTX: A01 25-200mW 
  • Receiver Options: Frsky XM+ / DSMX / Flysky / Crossfire
  • Recommend Battery: 300mAh 3S
  • Weight: 45.3g (w/o battery) 


  • 1x Beta 75X BNF 3S Whoop Quadcopter
  • 1x Spare 40mm 4-blades props (2CW+2CCW) 


1. Does this drone have current sensor?

Yes, it has a real current sensor. So no need to use the virtual current meter and you could get a more accurate current value. In order to use this current sensor hardware, some configurations in Betaflight GUI are needed.

Know more about current sensor and calibration.

2. How to connect the receiver to the 2-4S brushless FC?

Please don't forget to plug the battery when you try to connect the connector to the 2-4S brushless FC. Find out more details in our support page.

3. Cli Dump for different versions of the 2S Whoop are provided in our support page.

4. How to set up smart audio vtx control? (Multirotor Guide gives you the most straightforward explanation) 


Find more details about Caddx Turtle V2 camera in another page.

To enjoy the powerful flight and capture HD beautiful flying video at the same time, many pilots revamped their Beta75X with HD camera. Inspired by this, we upgraded the Beta75X to 3S with Caddx Turtle V2 camera so that pilot do not need to assemble it any more and get more power on punch for acro mode. The angle for the camera is 30° and unadjustable. 

Besides that, the newest A01 VTX board is lighter and perfectly suitable for canopy with switchable output power between 25mW and 200mW. Smart audio is available for VTX remote control in default.

  • Output power: 25mW and 200mW (Adjustable)
  • Smart Audio function is included for radio control
  • Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz
  • Caddx Turtle V2 camera
  • TV System: NTSC
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9(non-changeable)
  • Image sensor: 1 / 2.7" CMOS sensor

BetaFPV BNF Beta75X for Sale


The Beta75X drone comes with "props out" in default. Why we need "props out" direction?

Default Betaflight props direction, quadcopter dips and "washes out" in hard corners. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in hardest cornering.Know more about "Props Out".

BetaFPV Bind-N-Fly Beta75X HD Brushless Cinewhoop for Sale

Note: Please kindly cut out these three sticks ① ② ③ by using the scissors as the following picture to fit the 3S 300mah Battery, be carefully not to cut the wire of the receiver.

BetaFPV Bind-N-Fly Beta75X HD for Sale

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