BetaFPV GoPro Lite Case for GoPro Hero 6/7 Action Camera

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BetaFPV has designed a naked GoPro Hero 6/7 case with their own special BEC board. After only a few short steps you can have your GoPro down to 29g grams and cinewhoop ready!

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Case and BEC board fit GoPro Hero 6 and Hero 7 Black. But NOT Hero 8.


  • BEC Board is specially designed for Naked GoPro Hero which weighs about 1.5g, make your naked GoPro lighter and easier to install on your drone.
  • The BEC output voltage is 5V@2A, avoid the accident of power off which is caused by the insufficient power supply for the FC board.
  • Integrated GoPro stock buttons, Power/Mode Button and Record Button.
  • Integrated GoPro stock LED to know the status of the camera.
  • Pad is available for pilot to control the GoPro recording via the radio transmitter.
  • With the pluggable connector, which is easier to connect with your flight controller for power supply and recording.


  • Item: Case for GoPro Lite Camera
  • Output: 5V@2A
  • Voltage: 2-4S 
  • Connector: GH 1.25 3P Connector
  • Step 1: Assemble the BEC board on the GoPro motherboard and put the shim 1 and shim 2 to fill small gaps between them.
  • Step 2: Hold the camera lens and the camera board at the same time, be careful when you assemble the board on the case.
  • Step 3: Screw the GoPro motherboard with the M1.4*5 screws as shown below
  • Step 4: Install the carbon fiber board, and screw the board with M1.4*8 screws as shown below.
  • Step 5: Install the camera lens holder as shown below and screw the camera lens with M1.4*12 screws.
  • Step 6: Install the ND filter holder and camera board holder to make it done.

ND Filter Holder

This ND Filter Holder fits perfectly for the standard GoPro ND filter (Not included).

    How to Disassemble GoPro Hero6 Black

    Special thanks to JONAH BLAESER who provided the method of disassembling GoPro HERO6 Black. If you are interested, please check the link to know the specific steps to make your own naked GoPro. 

    STL Files for GoPro Lite Series.

    GoPro HERO6 Black Disassembly Guide 

    Note: Do this at your own risk. You will lose your GoPro’s warranty and you may end up bricking the camera if something goes wrong. This guide is not authorized by GoPro and your camera is not guaranteed to work afterward. BETAFPV will not be held responsible for this action.


    • 1x BEC Board for GoPro Hero
    • 1x Case for GoPro Lite Camera
    • 1x GH1.25 Power Cable (80mm 30AWG)
    • 2x Shims to fill small gaps
    • 1x Pack of Screws