CLRacing F7 V2.1 MPU6000 30x30 Flight Controller

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CLRacing gives you the option of a single MPU6000 gyro if you prefer it over their dual gyro version of the CLRacing F7 V2. The only difference between the two are their gyros. 

The upgraded version of the F7 board with MPU6000 gyro.  The 2.1 brings a notch in the board for camera space and slightly reconfigured jumpers.  This FC does not have an integrated PDB, making it ideal for use with 4in1 ESCs (or a PDB and separate ESCs).  It does all the latest tricks like camera control and VTX power switching and packs enough UARTs to keep most of us looking for other things to connect!

The 5V/Vbat pads will not work unless user1 mode range is adjusted in Betaflight, please read the manual.

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  • MCU: STM32F722RET6216MHz
  • 6-Axis MPU6000 Separated Interrupts
  • Build in Beta flight OSD
  • Up to 8S(36V) direct battery power
  • Build in Voltage monitoring resistor
  • Build in 5V/3A BEC and 3.3V/250mA for system
  • Led strip share 5V with 5V/3.0A BEC
  • 5V OR VBAT, camera and VTX POWER VIA Pit Switch
  • Buildin Camera Control pin with necessary resistor and capacitor near camera connection
  • Buzzerpads for external buzzer
  • Build in 32MB Blackbox flash chip
  • M4 pin output can be set to M4 (most users) or M6.  RPM filtering works on both.


  • 1x CLRacing F7 V2.1 MPU6000 30x30 Flight Controller  

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