E-DoModel Sky Hawk V2 PNP FPV Airplane Kit

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Just add your favorite RX and you'll have yourself a smooth flying FPV Airplane. Dual motors paired with a tail boom means a more stable flight experience.

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  • EPP material body, strong and resistant to explosion.
  • The double motor design counteracts the anti-torsion force of the propeller and the flight performance is more stable.
  • The body space is designed for large batteries and electronic devices.
  • Unique double-tailed V-tail design, with a platform in the middle of the V-end designed for mounting FPV cameras.
  • Unique wing design improves lift


  • Wing span: 940mm (26.8’)
  • Body length: 763mm(13.8’)
  • Flight Weight: 600g
  • Wing area: 13.8g/dm2
Recommended Electronics configuration
  • Motor: 1806-2206 KV 2400
  • Electrical adjustment: 20A*2
  • Servo: 9G*4
  • Propeller: 5045*2
  • Battery: 3S 11.1V 2200


  • 1x E-DoModel Sky Hawk V2 FPV Airplane Kit