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Kiss - ESC Cable Set - For All 4 ESCs - RaceDayQuads

ESC Cable Set - For All 4 ESCs

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All the wires you need for a full build. This will allow you to fully wire four ESCs, and maybe more if you're conservative with the build. We hope you enjoy this ESC wiring kit and it makes your life easier!


1x AWG16 Cable, Red 30cm

1x AWG16 Cable, Black 30cm

1x AWG20 Cable, Red 30cm

1x AWG20 Cable Black 30cm

4x AWG 28 15cm servo cable

1x 20mm x 15mm Clear shrink tube

1x 30mm x 30mm Clear shrink tube

The AWG16 cable is designed for bigger ESC, currents over 20A.
The AWG20 cable can of course also be taken for the KISS ESC 12A / 18A, Lipo connection side, especially when this connection is short.



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