T-Motor F40 Pro II 1600Kv Racing Motor - Grey

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Some say that T-Motor was late to the party with these naked bottom style motors but once you feel their power, you will agree with us, they are RIGHT ON TIME!  You can now get the T-Motor F40 power in a lighter, cooler form. A perfect fit on our Mach 1 Spec class frame and a great addition to our ever-growing Motor Selection!  


F40 PRO II T-Motor for Sale


The Tiger Motor F40 PRO II Motor has been designed and built specifically for FPV Racing.

Coming in at only 29.5g, including wires, the F40 PRO II is very light for the power it can dish out. Another amazing feature are the high temperature silver core windings. These windings are able to withstand much higher temperatures than conventional windings. Additionally, the top of the stator has an anti-slip design that keeps your props stable during high intensity flights. 

The F40 PRO II comes in three different colors to fit your build. Each color has three different KV options so you can opt for efficiency or pure speed.