Fan Control Module Upgrade for Fat Shark Goggles

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The stock  fan control board in Fat Shark faceplates can not be switched on and back off at will, and will be automatically turned off at regular intervals (the timing is controlled by a capacitor and is not accurate). This Fan speed controller  is a perfect drop in replacement that adds functions such as switching and speed regulation. It also accepts up to 12V (3S) for higher fan speeds! 

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Great article on installation and use by Oscar Liang.


  • Short press turns the fan on and off. (Red LED lights when fan is on)
  • Double press changes the fan speed through 3 speeds. (Speed level is saved after powering off)
  • The fan is always on when a battery is plugged in. The fan has to be turned off manually
  • This device is a soft-switch microcontroller design, there is 3-5ma quiescent current after turning off the fan. Please remove the battery after using to prevent over-discharge of the battery.


  • 1x Fan Control Module Upgrade for Fat Shark Goggles