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Flight Controller Protector

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An RDQ design, this FC protector is made to protect your flight controller from dirt, water (not water proof but a quad with the protector has landed in a puddle - protector was soaked and FC was dry), and damage. Additionally, the protector allows for the easy and safe mounting of electronics on top of your controller, making for easy, clean, and safe builds. The protector has 30.5mm x 30.5mm holes, so it will fit any standard FC on the market (and stretch over the components on the board) like the Betaflight F3 AIO.

  • Works on all flight controllers with no negative side effects
  • Protects your flight controller from dirt, water, and damage
  • Flexible material stretches over your components
  • Shields components from carbon to prevent shorts
  • give you the ability to mount components on top of your FC

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