Flywoo BNF Firefly 2S Nano Baby 20 HD Quad w/ Caddx Vista & Nebula Pro Nano - Choose RX

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Firefly Nano Baby 20 is equipped with the most efficient micromotor and the top AIO flight control on the market. It will bring you an unprecedented flying experience.  The drone could do all the acrobatic motions smoothly, like diving and power looping.

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  • Weight: 33.8g (without battery)
  • FC & ESC: GOKU Versatile F405 2S 12A AIO 
  • Frame: Firefly 2S Nano Baby 20 VISTA Frame kit
  • Motors: Flywoo ROBO 1002 15500KV
  • Props: Gemfan 2015-2 blade 
  • Vista & Camera: Naked Caddx Polar Nano Digital HD Kit for DJI Black 8cm – FLYWOO

    GOKU Versatile F4 5-IN-1 1S AIO FC / VTX

    • SIZE: 30x30mm
    • Weight: 4.1g
    • Hole: 25.5x25.5-3mm
    • MCU: STM32F405
    • UARTS: 6
    • GYRO: ICM42688
    • Barometer: ICM42688
    • LED: 2x WS2812
    • Flash: 8M
    • BEC: 5V 2A
    • Firmware: FLYWOOF405S_AIO

    Onboard 4in1 ESC

    • Built-in 1S/2S 12A BL_S 4in1 ESC
    • Support Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot,
    • Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
    • Input Voltage: 1-2S Lipo
    • Firmware: BLHELI_S
    • Firmware: Z_H_30_REV16.7

    Flywoo ROBO 1002 15500Kv Motor

    • Kv: 15500Kv
    • Input Voltage: 2S LiPo
    • Stator Dimensions: Φ10mm x 2mm
    • Shaft Diameter: Φ 1.5mm
    • Wire Dimensions: 30AWG x 40mm
    • Weight (with wires): 2.4g


            • 1x Flywoo BNF Firefly 2S Nano Baby 20 HD Quad w/ Caddx Vista & Nebula Pro Nano
            • 2x set of  2015-2 props
            • 1x Screw spare packs
            • 2x battery holder
            • 4x Prop guards