Flywoo BNF Firefly Hex Nano 1.6" Hexacopter - FrSky XM+

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 Flywoo has pushed the boundaries of tiny quads with lots of lift with the new Firefly Hex Nano. With a wheelbase of only 90mm, this little guy is capable of carrying action cameras like the Insta360 GO, SMO 4k, and other smaller action cams. Weighing at just under 58g, this tiny quad will provide a compact, smooth, and stable flight platform to capture epic FPV footage!

Flywoo recommends 4S 450mAh LiPos or 3S 300mAh LiPos

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  • Wheelbase: 90mm
  • Flight Controller: Goku HEX F4 16x16 
  • ESC: GOKU Hex 13A 16x16
  • Frame: Firefly Hex Nano Frame
  • Motors: Robo 1202.5 5500KV
  • Props: HQ 40mm 4-Blades Props
  • Camera Degree: 15°-90°
  • VTX: Goku VTX625 450mw
  • Antenna: Atomic 5.8GHz Antenna Length 30mm (RHCP)
  • Weight: 57.9g (without battery)'


  • 1x Flywoo BNF Firefly Hex Nano 1.6" Hexacopter